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Just by looking at the pictures posted online about the city, you can already tell that being in Bristol will have you experiencing one of the fun times in your life! The city found in the Southwest of England is definitely a place to visit if you need to tour Europe or you just need to experience a unique experience! The city’s architecture itself plays a huge role in sight-seeing and the numerous scenic sights do not disappoint. We will just look at some of the activities you can engage in but remember that the city is so full of life that this space is not enough to cover it all!

A trip on the ferry

It’s a fact that the Bristol port played a big role in trade and slavery during the emergence of the new world. You can, therefore, expect ferries to take you around the city and get to experience first-hand their waters! Nowadays, in comparison to the past, their ports are only used for trade and tourism although tourism seems to have taken a lead.

Cycling through the city

You might be wondering what we mean when we say cycling! The city is one of the most conducive cities to cycle in in England plus you get to do some site-seeing while you are at it! You can choose different types of cycles as you are not limited to only the standard two wheeler!

A visit to Cabot Tower

Anyone who had been to the city knows that it is not flat. If you want to get a birds view, you can visit the Cabot Tower and get to experience how beautiful and wonderful the city looks up high!

Enjoy a swim

If you are a good swimmer or if you like playing around in the water, you can engage in water sports. It is alleged that Clifton is a way better place to experience some bit of swimming and playing around in the water. Why don’t you find out and confirm if this holds true?

Enjoy continental meals

Anyone who loves food and everything food and visits the city is bound to experience some very good universal meals! The Glass Arcade is an area where you find food stalls that serve a wide range of tantalizing dishes!

Experience their festivals

In the month of June, you get to experience lots of fun in one of the city’s parks! You get to frolick in the mud, listen to some music and enjoy a few drinks while you are there!

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Why not check out the Clifton Suspension Bridge? The bridge is an internationally renowned piece of civil engineering, and boasts spectacular panoramic views.

The only way to get the best of Bristol is by planning a trip that lets you get into the culture and engage in what the locals consider the best experiences!