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If you are into bridges and have no fear of heights whatsoever, then you need to find yourself at the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol! The bridge is usually open for business from around 10 am to 5 pm in the evening every day of the year! You really have no reason not to experience the bridge if you’re in the city. A lot of activities take place in order to ensure your experience is superb! When you wish to get a free tour with a guide, the best day would be weekends and during holiday time.

One of the things you can do while at the bridge is to have a look at the Visitor Centre. The main aim of the Centre is to give you an insight through exhibitions about how the bridge came about as well as the people who have worked on it! If you have kids, they can be engaged in some very lively children activities!

As we have mentioned before, if you want a free tour, you will most definitely get it! Open up your weekend or holiday time at 3 pm and you will be treated to a tour of the bridge without having to pay a dime! The guides who will take you on your tour are mostly volunteers and can be found wearing orange high-vis jackets. You can be assured of a great tour as they are usually bubbling with excitement over all the things they can show you!

An amazing unforgettable view of the bridge is to be experienced at the Observatory Hill found in Clifton. The adventurous spirited visitors usually come down by zooming back on the Rock Slide! The Clifton Observatory has two areas where you can visit for a small fee. These are the Camera Obscura and the Giant’s Cave.

As you can see, there is never a boring moment when you visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Another great experience is having to experience firsthand the bridge move! Did you know that the Clifton Suspension Bridge actually moves? It’s not alarming as it sounds. A lot of visitors have found the experience as one of a kind! The bridge usually sways gently and if you are observant, you can also see how the hangers vibrate or get to feel how the bridge itself vibrates as cars pass through it!

Anyone into birds is going to be treated to an amazing sight of the Peregrine Falcons! The best point to view them is from the Bristol Ornithological Club that has specifically set up a watch point whose main aim is the protection of the birds as well as teach any visitor all there is to know about them! For further animal attractions, try the internationally renowned Bristol zoo.