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The Bristol Zoo commonly known as the Bristol Zoo Gardens is one of the best places to have an amazing experience while in the city of Bristol. The kind of animals they have there together with the history make it a very nice place to visit! If you have never been to a zoo before, you need to prepare yourself for one of the best experiences of your life! There are so many animals ranging from pandas to penguins that have some form of personality you cannot miss!

The Lodge

Before we delve into the animals they have and what is so special about them, perhaps we can first have a look at their lodge. If you want to reside in the zoo while on a visit, the lodge is more than capable of taking care of you! It is a home away from home that is only made better by the access to some wonderful animals! You will find the lodge in one corner of the zoo under 12 acres of simply the most beautiful gardens you have ever seen. The botanical gardens make your experience as a guest even more phenomenal!

You will the most beautiful modernized apartments that offer you a sense of tranquility! We dare say that the combined experience of staying in the lodge and visiting the animals is one of the best you can ever experience in your life! The rooms are safari themed and have double bedrooms. They have also provided you with a living room, a dining room, a terrace that is as private as it can get and an extra room where you can put in a sofa bed!

The Zoo Itself

While at the zoo, you can expect to be treated to some animal exhibits like the penguin and seals exhibit. They are named the Sea and Penguin Coats and is the most common exhibit at the zoo. The seals originate from America while the dolphins come from Africa. As a visitor, you will be able to see them interacting below and above the water.

Other attractions include the Explorer’s Creek where there is a bird house, a water play area and walk through feeding area! At the Gorilla Island, you will find a family of Gorillas from Africa. The Gorillas share the area with some Monkeys and live in peace because they are herbivorous

One of the oldest areas of the Zoo is known as the terrace where lions, pandas, fruit bats, flamingoes, and keas are housed. It is the first place that allows a visitor who visits during daytime to view how the animals behave at night time!

There such an amazing experience waiting for you at the Bristol Zoo and you should make a point to visit! For those of you who prefer an art and culture experience, try the internationally respected Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.