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Bristol zoo is located in the city of Bristol, South West England. It is sited near Clifton Suspension Bridge of Brunel, between Clifton College and Clifton Down. This zoo was opened in 1836. It is considered the oldest provincial zoo in the world. There are many species of mammal in this zoo including Gorillas, red pandas, Asiatic lions, and pygmy hippos. Visitors can enjoy many indoor exhibits including an aquarium, insect house, and reptile house. The Reptile House contains the collection of amphibians and reptiles. The Aquarium that is split into 3 sections contains around 70 species of fish. There are also islands in the lake which serve as a home for gorillas, pelicans, marmosets, and gibbons.

A Wide Variety of Animal Exhibits

At Bristol zoo, the visitors are presented with many animal exhibits. The major attraction at this zoo is the Seal and Penguin Coasts. This exhibit was opened in 1999. The visitor can watch African penguins and South American fur seals both above and below the water. There are 2 pools that contain 660,000 litres of salt water with rocks, waterfalls, waves, and beaches to create the natural habitat. This exhibit is also completed with a large net over the top. In another place, the visitors can see nocturnal animals in the twilight world. The twilight world is divided into 4 zones such as the House (mice and rats), the Desert (mongooses, sand cats), the Rainforest (aye-ayes, slow loris, mouse deer, mouse lemurs, and Cuscuses), and the Cave (naked mole rats, blind cave fish, and scorpions).

Discounted Tickets

The visitors can save up to 29% by buying a ticket online. Buying tickets for Bristol zoo online will allow the visitor to get the option to save during certain periods. For example, between November until December 2017, students can visit this zoo only for £5. Students should come with their student ID to take advantage of this offer. This offer is available for both online tickets and tickets purchased at the gate. Many visitors take advantage of the Zoo’s central location to visit other Bristol attractions, such as the home of Charles Wesley.